I am a designer located in Silicon Valley

I specialize in games, apps, icons & interactive design.

GamesMore ›

Nightmare Land - The Dream Witness

Point & click adventure mystery game for iPad

Attack of the Killer Meteors

A challenging action game for iPhone/iPad

Educational AppsMore ›

ABC 123 Colors - Spelling & Pronunciation

Child education app for iPad

AppsMore ›

101 Ways to Make Extra Money

How to make money guide for iPad/iPhone

Cholesterol Food Reference

Food Reference for iPad/iPhone.

Boxing & MMA Scorecard

Boxing scorecard for iPad/iPhone.

IconsMore ›

Social & Productivity Line Art 1 Buy

50 technology icons for all uses.

Social Messaging & Productivity 2Buy

50 flat icons for apps & websites

Modern & Future Technology 1 Buy

50 technology icons for all uses.

Medical & Clinical Healthcare Buy

62 healthcare icons for apps & websites.

We have icons for everyone

Whether you're an app development house, independent developer or interactive designer, we have icons sets that will fit your needs.

We make games & apps

All of us play games and use apps. That's where our inspiration starts. We strive to make games and apps that people want to use.

We see design in the details

Design is not just about how things look. Design is about the way things work and how it can make a positive impact on society.