DrChrono EHR / EMR

The #1 Mobile Electronic Health Record.

An app that's over 12 years in the making. It spans over 200 views, with over 100 releases. The DrChrono EHR/EMR app set the standard on what a mobile EHR should be like. It was voted by doctors as the #1 Mobile EHR app for 10 years in a row. I started as the Product Designer for the app and then eventually took on the role of Product Manager for DrChrono's mobile team. In addition to being the PM & designer, I run a beta program with dozens of doctors. The app is known for its robust feature set, unique features, ease of use and low bug count.

DrChrono Inc.
Product Vision, Product Management, UI/UX, Iconography, App Submissions & Releases, Running Beta Program, Market Research, Content Writing, Basic Software Engineering.
Development Time
13 years and ongoing. Updates once every 3-4 weeks.
DrChrono EHR - Appointment List

The iPad User Interface

The DrChrono EHR/EMR app started out as an iPad-only app. It was like this for years until it was converted to a Universal app in 2014. While the app can be used on the iPad & iPhone, the iPad is the preferred interface due to its screen size. There are many iPad-specific screens that takes advantage of the iPad real estate.

The patient menu.

Vital flowsheet system.

Graphing of vitals over time.

Charting on the clinical workflow.

Drawing tools for medical images.

The patient's conditions list.

eRx, also known as electronic prescribing.

The patient facesheet.

The patient timeline of events.

Creating a patient referral.

Having a video visit with a patient.

Charting while taking a video visit.

Dark Mode

Because I had an iOS development background, I took on the responsibility of converting the app to Dark Mode. I started by creating a new color palette and created 2 version of each color. Once I had the color palette finalized, I started the conversion. I had help from the enginners when I got stuck on complex pages. The whole process took about 3 months.

The appointment list in dark mode.

The patient menu in dark mode.

Vital flowhseets in dark mode.

Clinical charting in dark mode.

The iPhone User Interface

Once the app was converted to a universal app in 2014, the iPhone version had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Many iPad screens were completely redesigned and rebuilt to work on the iPhone. As of today, over 95% of the features on the iPad are on the iPhone. Many doctors prefer the portability of the iPhone, especially when they're checking messages by the pool.

Account registration & login on iPhone.

Drawing tools on iPhone.

The appointment list on iPhone.

Taking a video visit on iPhone.

The Apple Watch Interface

When the Apple Watch first came out, we decided to build about a dozen screens for the watch interface. While there aren't many active users, it's available for Apple Watch users.

Appointment List on Apple Watch.

Practice Chat on Apple Watch.

Dashboard on Apple Watch.