DrChrono Telehealth - Mobile

The mobile version of DrChrono's Telehealth product.

Three months after the launch of the web Telehealth product, work started on the Mobile version. While the mobile version is similar to the web version in many ways, it had many unique features of its own. It's the only telehealth product in the market that allow providers to access the entire patient chart, manage consent forms and do clincal charting while taking a Video Visit.

DrChrono Inc.
Product Vision, Project Management, UI/UX, Beta Testing.
Development Time
4 months. The mobile team worked with the original 3 engineers to complete the project.
Active. Since the original MVP, Picture-in-Picture & Quick Charting was added.
DrChrono Telehealth Mobile

The Doctor's User Interface

The doctor's interface include many features not available in competing products. The provider is able to assign consent forms, access any part of the patient chart, like medications and past clinical notes. They are also able to pull up a charting interface that allows them to document the interaction, generate the final note and lock it, all while doing the Video Visit.

Video Visit between the doctor & patient.

Manage consent forms & view sign status.

Assign additional consent forms.

Pull up the Patient Menu and access any part of the patient chart.

Document the Visit using H&P, SOAP or custom medical forms.

Fill in a medical form while having a Video Visit with the patient.

The Patient's User Interface

The patient's UI is a bit different from the doctor's UI. The Video Visit joining workflow is similar, but the big difference is the viewing and signing of consent forms during the video visit. When the patient sign, the doctor can see the update.

Video Visit between the doctor & patient.

Consent form list with statuses.

Viewing and signing of consent forms.

Adding a signature to a consent form.