Nightmare Land - The Dream Witness

iPad & M1 Mac

After narrowly escaping death, you find yourself at the entrance of a mysterious village. Alone in the pitch black night, you're about to uncover a dark secret that will change your life forever. This hardcore old school adventure game draws inspiration from classics like Shadowgate, Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island.

Solve the mystery of disappearing villagers and confront deadly monsters at every turn. Interact with strange characters, collect items, solve puzzles and defeat fearsome monsters. March into hidden lairs and defeat the mysterious evil that is terrorizing the land.

Download for iPad or M1 Mac
Developer Notes

This was the biggest personal project I ever took on. It took 8 months and over 1000 hours to develop. Months were spent on prototyping, scenario planning and writing before any design and development work was done. When development started, I had to use every bit of skill and determination to get it done.

The hardest part wasn't working on the project, it was starting the project knowing how much time and effort was required to complete it.