DrChrono Telehealth - Web

The Telemedicine portion of the DrChrono EHR.

At the start of the pandemic, DrChrono wanted to build Telemedicine into its EHR platform. I was asked to lead the project and was assigned 3 web engineers. I previously proposed such a project, so I had early requirements and designs. It was a only matter of updating the requirments & designs. We worked on the project like we would work for a startup. In the end, we delivered a working product with dozens of screens and very few bugs.

DrChrono Inc.
Product Vision, Project Management, UI/UX, Some HTML & CSS, Beta Testing.
Development Time
3 months of intense fast-paced development. This includes the provider and patient side.
Active. Though some of the UI have changed, the foundation remains the same.
DrChrono Telehealth promo screen

The Doctor's User Interface

The doctor's offering include many features not available on other Telehealth platorms. It contains over a dozen screens that include browser checking and scheduling. From the video visit screen, the provider is able to assign consent forms to the patients and get status updates in real-time. They're also able to send reminders and save screenshots to the patient chart.

A prompt to prevent accidental joining.

Waiting for the patient to join.

Video Visit between the doctor & patient.

View Video Visit info and resend reminders.

View and assign consent forms to patient.

Take screenshot and save to patient chart.

The Patient's User Interface

The patient's UI is a bit different from the provider's UI. The Video Visit joining workflow is similar, but the big difference is the viewing and signing of consent forms during the video visit. When the patient sign, the doctor can see the update.

Video Visit between the doctor & patient.

Signed and unsigned consent forms.

Viewing and signing of consent forms.