Smooth Shopper

Product recommendation website.

I wanted to build a product referral website and I came up with the idea of Smooth Shopper. The site did very well in the first year until Google changed their search algorithm in 2017. Traffic dropped by 80% and I stopped updating it. This was my first & last Django project. It was deployed on Web Faction, but they shut down in 2021 and I had to shut the site down. The website was rebuilt & relaunched in January, 2023.

Product Vision, UI/UX, HTML & CSS, Python & Django (V1), Content Creation.
Development Time
Version 1 (Python & Django) with 10 pages took about 1 month. Each new page took 2-3 days. Version 2 took about 1 month to rebuild.
Smooth Shopper

The User Interface

The DrChrono EHR/EMR app started out as an iPad-only app. It was like this for years until it was converted to a Universal app in 2014. While the app can be used on the iPad & iPhone, the iPad is the preferred interface due to its screen size. There are many iPad-specific screens that takes advantage of the iPad real estate.

Different Product Categories.

Best iOS Games.

Best Chef Knives.