Sports steaming & social app.

This was a freelance project that I worked on for about a month. I was tasked to design a sports video streaming & social app for Android phones & tablets. The app was supposed to be able to stream to TVs using a HDMI dongle. This was before Google Chromecast was released. Unfortunately, the project never got past the design phase.

1 month
Inactive. The project never got off the ground.
Flicket basketball schedule

The User Interface

The Flicket app contained about 2 dozen screens. The UI was split into 2 sections, and each section can be updated by the user. The left side was for sports scores and streaming controls, while the right side would handle Twitter feeds, sports discussion and video controls.

List of sports categories.

Video controls and control options.

Sports discussion on the right panel.

Connecting a cable TV provider.

Viewing the weekly sports schedule.

Login & registration with a promo.