OnPatient Patient Portal

The #1 Mobile Electronic Health Record.

Originally named OnPatient PHR (Personal Health Record), the OnPatient Patient Portal is the patient side of DrChrono's EHR. Doctors can invite patients to join the OnPatient Patient Portal to connect with them so they can share their patient record, as well as clinical notes. Patients are also able to schedule appointments, view billing statements, fill paperwork and take Video Visits on the app.

DrChrono Inc.
Product Vision, Product Management, UI/UX, Iconography, App Submissions & Releases, Basic Software Engineering.
Development Time
10 years and ongoing. Updates once every 3-6 months.
OnPatient Telehealth

The User Interface

The OnPatient UI more funcational than flash. While the DrChrono EHR/EMR app get constant design updates, the OnPatient app gets less frequent updates. I try to keep the UI simple so it doesn't need to be updated often. One of the most recent updates was the addition of Telehealth, which shares a similar UI to the DrChrono EHR version of Telehealth.

The patient main menu.

The appointment list.

Schedule an appointment.

The appointment summary.

The patient summary.

Filling out patient information.