DrChrono Check-In

An app that replaces the clipboard in doctor offices.

The purpose of the DrChrono Check-In app is to completely replace the clipboard with onboarding forms that gets handed to you when you visit your doctor. There is a doctor UI which includes an appointment list for the day. The onboarding process is the Patient UI. The onboarding process is separated into multiple sections and they're designed with simplicity in mind. A Kiosk Mode was later added to make it more automated.

DrChrono Inc.
Product Vision, Product Management, UI/UX, Iconography, App Submissions & Releases, Basic Software Engineering.
Development Time
10 years and ongoing. Updates once every 3-6 months.
DrChrono Check-In - patient summary

The User Interface

The DrChrono Check-In app is meant to be understood right away because nearly everyone is a first-time user. There is no time to learn the UI, so it had to be simple. The onboarding is broken into different secions and each section contain big fields that are easy to use.

The appointment list with appointment details.

Check-in kiosk with English & Spanish options.

Patient name, biological sex & gender identity.

Patient insurance in the check-in process.

Two sets of insurance card photos.

View consent forms and apply signature.