Cholesterol Food Reference

The perfect reference app for people looking to lower their cholesterol.

Finding out the cholesterol values of food is never easy. Most groceries don't come with labels and fast food restaurants do their best to hide it from you. Cholesterol Food Reference will help you identify the cholesterol values of some of the most common everyday foods, including fast foods and groceries you buy at the supermarket. Bring this app anywhere and never have to worry about the cholesterol values in food again.

Over 200 common groceries & over 100 fast foods
Over 50 of the most popular desserts & sweets
300+ photos to help you identity foods
"Learn More" section to help you understand cholesterol
Email or tweet the nutritional information of any food
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101 Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

A throughout step-by-step guide to making extra money.

This app will change the way you think about what is possible on making money. We cover basic jobs, creative jobs and jobs that can generate recurring monthly profits. Do you want to make an iPhone/iPad app too? We'll tell you how. In addition, we list all job requirements, resources, ratings and information on how to get the job.

Over 101 ways to make money - featuring EXCLUSIVE jobs
Job requirements, resources & ratings
Bookmarks / favorites list
Search engine to help you find jobs quickly
Job list for those with no work visa
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Modern Calculator

A simple, user-friendly calculator for everyday use. Designed with big buttons to take advantage of every pixel of the iPad & iPhone screen.

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